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Catholic Church commemorates Pope’s deposition in 1798



The Roman Catholic Church commemorates their fateful day in February 1798. After severe material losses at the hands of Napoleon Bonaparte, Pontifex Maximus Pius VI was dismissed from his chambers and sent to Valence.

The Pope was ousted from power with a coup de main

Papst Pius VI.
The unfortunate Pope Pius VI.(*1

The Catholic Church commemorates February 15, 225 years ago. In view of the event in 1798, the Roman Church can hardly speak of a nice celebration. On February 15, 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte sent his General Berthier, who had already been in Rome for 5 days, to St. Peter’s Basilica not to ask Pope Pius VI, who was residing there, for an audience, but to remove him straight away from his “apartments”. Napoleon dissolved the Papal States that existed at the time, sent the Pope into exile and also proclaimed the Roman Republic. The tiara was removed from the coat of arms and replaced with a red Jacobean cap. As a result of this action, the papacy was deprived of political power in one fell swoop.

A successor pope was quickly found

Pius IV, who was already in poor health, landed first in Florence. A good year later it went via Parma to Turin and finally to France. The Pope met his end at the end of August 1799 in imprisonment in the citadel of Valence. However, the supposedly ideal world without a pope did not last long. A year later, a new pope was elected during the conclave in Venice. He called himself Pius VII and was already back in Rome the following July.

Church mourns the loss of its possessions

Understandably, these events are not blissful memories for the Catholic Church. The Catholic news portal complains about the suffering already around 8 years before the removal of Pius VI Losses in France, still in the raging revolution. Church possessions in the Rhone Valley in southern France were lost in the turmoil, as was the huge papal palace in Avignon. The loss of the Chateauneuf du Pape vineyards was also severe. Napoleon also seized the ecclesiastical possessions of Bologna, Ferrara and Ancona during his campaign through Italy. The pope had to watch all this and his disempowerment without doing anything. What a pity.

Deposition of the Pope only a supposed breather

With the removal of the Pope as a political power, the age of darkness came to an end for the time being. But was this really a lasting salvation for mankind? Rather not. The preparations for this highlight have been going on for decades. A paradigm shift was needed. The newly emerging philosophers and thinkers of the magnitude of Voltaire and Kant were particularly helpful in this regard. The motto was “reasonable man” in complete independence from divine guidance. This culminated in the French Revolution, during which not only the killing machine conceived by Joseph-Ignace Guillotin was put into operation, but also in the enthronement of a prostitute as the “goddess of reason” in the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral. God does not exist, religion was banned and Bibles were burned.

Deposition of the Pope met with enthusiasm

The people cheered. In view of the papacy’s reign of terror, which had lasted for 1,260 years, this is also understandable. Man is his own master. Why does it need a cruel, persecuting and murderous preacher from Rome? Unfortunately, because of the occult dogma of the Roman Catholic Church and the rather unfortunate nature of the Protestant churches, it was very difficult for people to experience the truth of the gospel. But reality soon caught up with her. With the abandonment of one’s own reason, immorality in the form of fornication, greed, space, murder and manslaughter quickly got out of hand. Around seven years later, on August 26, 1789, the unrestricted practice of a religion was again permitted in the course of the declaration of human rights.

Nevertheless, the paradigm shift remained. Atheism was born and the shield of human rights is held on high to this day. Despite religion being permitted again, the statutes and laws of God have been swept under the rug. And so “by the way” the USA was founded only a few years before.

The Bible knew of these developments

The Bible predicted the deposition of the Pope and the massive changes in society. The year 1798 was a prophetic precision landing and with the paradigm shift the “beast out of the abyss” (Revelation Chapter 17) came out for the first time.

The grand finale is yet to come for Rome

The Catholic news portal speculated on the dismissal of the Pope 225 years ago that nowadays only “a few anarchists” would come up with the idea of ​​”expelling the Pope and wanting to abolish the Vatican State and integrate it into the city of Rome”. The portal could well be right about that. But that will not remain the case, because the Bible has given a few clear indications in Revelation Chapter 17 for the (near) future.

(*1 Picture Source Pius VI.

Catholic Church commemorates Pope’s deposition in 1798
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