Olli Dürr Society Bible continued to be translated and distributed in 2023

Bible continued to be translated and distributed in 2023

Bible continued to be translated and distributed in 2023 post thumbnail image


The translators of the Holy Scripture were also busy in 2023 and ensured further distribution of the Bible, or parts of the Bible, in additional languages. More than 80 percent of humanity can now be reached.

Bible has become more widespread

Go out and proclaim the gospel throughout the world. This call went from Jesus Christ to His disciples. Back then it was more through spoken sermons, today it is more through the distribution of the Bible. After a phase of complete suppression by the Roman Catholic Church, thanks in part to the previous invention of printing, the “Book of Books” only began its triumphant march with the Reformation. The Roman Church was no longer able to withhold the truths of the Gospel. However, the benevolence shown today by the Vatican for the further dissemination of the Holy Scriptures only affects the Bible editions that it recognizes as “acceptable”. (Nestle-Aland – Info).

The World Association of Bible Societies (UBS) was founded for the global dissemination of the Bible. An association of the Bible societies of the individual countries (around 184 countries). The society produces an annual report on the status of the spread of the gospel worldwide and, above all, in how many different languages. This was also the case last Thursday as of the end of 2023 (Source).

Visible progress

Bible book of Job

Only the Bible can provide the truth

According to this, a total of 106 translation projects in various languages ​​were completed last year, 2023, for around 1.25 billion people. The complete Bible is now available in 743 different languages. This means that a further 16 completely translated Bibles in a respective language were added in the course of 2023. There were further additions to individual biblical writings in 39 other languages. The New Testament was available in an additional 17 languages ​​at the end of 2023. The first Bible translation in the Bashkir language (Russia) and the translation of the New Testament into the languages ​​Aja (Benin) and Nyaneka (Angola) alone can be read by just over a million more people.

Still a lot of work required

The New Testament is available in 1,682 different languages. At least one book of the Bible already exists in 3,686 different languages. At the end of 2023, a total of around 7.9 billion people could be reached using a complete Bible or parts of a Bible.
Nevertheless, there is a lot to do. It is currently estimated that there are 7,396 different languages ​​worldwide. This leaves around 3,710 languages ​​in which the Bible, or parts of it, have not yet been translated. UBS’s current goal is an additional 1,200 Bible translations by 2038.

Still, there is reason for optimism. It is currently estimated that 80.5 percent of all people can be reached using a Bible or an excerpt in the respective language. However, the complete New Testament is only available to 11.1 percent of people. Around 1.6 billion people do not yet have a complete Bible in their language.

For I know their works and their thoughts: it shall come, that I will gather all nations and tongues; and they shall come, and see my glory.
Isaiah 66:18

Bible verses from King James Version

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