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Believers are happier – faith doesn’t matter



People who believe in something are happier than people without belief. The believer walks through the world more contentedly than the atheist. A recent study shows faith as a motivator in life. However, it doesn’t seem to matter which belief.

Believers are happier

Faith makes you happier and happier, according to a study conducted by the Institute for the Impact of Faith in Life (IIFL) in Great Britain. Accordingly, people for whom religion plays an important role in their lives are far more optimistic than non-religious people and atheists. In addition, religious people also have the ability to withstand unpleasant events and circumstances.

Summary of the study results

Cheer people
Believers are more satisfied with life

The study found that 73 percent of religious people described themselves as “psychologically well-being,” compared to just 49 percent of atheists. Of the believers, 76 percent said they were happy themselves. The proportion of atheists was just over half (52%). The same applies to satisfaction with one’s own life. 76 percent of religious people are satisfied with their lives. But only 53 percent of atheists hold the same view.

The head of the study, Dr. Ehsan, commented on the result as follows: “Compared to non-believers, religious Britons are more likely to report good psychological well-being, satisfaction with life, and optimism over their personal future. They are also more likely to say they are confident with handling the challenges that come with life.”

It’s about “faith”

In addition to Christians and Catholics, there are also Muslims and members of Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as other religions, living in Great Britain. This summary of this study therefore only covers the difference between belief and disbelief, but not religious affiliation.
A template for the narrative of “faith” that has been built up for years, without explicitly addressing, for example, belief in the Gospel, let alone “the” faith of Jesus Christ.
Believing people are therefore more satisfied than unbelieving people. Believe in something, and you will be happier than before, goes the message.

Superficial belief

What the Buddhist, the Muslim and even the Hindu may not know, the Christian and the Catholic should actually know very well. Believing in something doesn’t get people to their goal. Jesus Christ made it clear with His clear monopoly claim in John 14:6. There is therefore no alternative for Jesus Christ. But belief in the Gospel as it is written is no longer an issue in either the Catholic or Protestant churches. Especially in the former Protestant churches, “faith” is propagated for itself, but not the faith that Jesus Christ had (Info).

World Peace Gospel

United human family for world peace

The survey results for Great Britain can also describe the situation in Germany. Religiosity, even among Christians, is now just a facade for the majority (Info). The written gospel now only leads a shadowy existence. All that matters is the “belief” that God loves all people and will be reconciled with all people. “Love, the human family, world peace” is the “contemporary” gospel.

“Family religion” already established

Since the aspirations are for a “unified human family,” faith automatically plays an essential role. Given the now purely superficial view of faith, it is also a simple undertaking to present a unified religion to united humanity. This religion has already been launched (Info).

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
John 14:6

Bible verses from King James Version

Believers are happier – faith doesn’t matter
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