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Bargain offer – church, rectory and monastery complex



A special kind of property. An offer for special “lovers” appears on a classifieds platform. Church, rectory and monastery complex as a complete package.

“Sorrowful Mother of God” is sold

Is around 230 euros per square meter of developed land too expensive or even a bargain? In addition to green spaces, infrastructure and complete development, buyers also receive a church including a church bell and outbuildings. The Catholic community of St. Franziskus Bebra-Rotenburg (Rotenburg an der Fulda) is offering its church “To the Sorrowful Mother of God” for sale. You can buy this property for 395,000 euros on the “Classifieds” website. In addition to the church building, the buyer receives a monastery, a bell tower and also the rectory as an addition (Source).

The operation of this Catholic institution no longer seems to be profitable. This property looks after the Catholics in the Lispenhausen district. Only 155 in number. Only one woman appears at the monthly mass service. There is no longer any economic viability here.

There are already interested parties

Classifieds for all sorts of things

After verbal inquiries and surveys were unsuccessful, the parish priest turned to the online platform. After all, 19 inquiries have already been received from interested parties. There is no earmarking. Future owners are free to continue using the property, including the church built in 1963, for “spiritual purposes” or for residential purposes. It could also be used as an art gallery and for medical purposes. People are very open to this. Only “immoral” use is already excluded by the model contracts prepared for the diocese of Fulda. After all, the rectory is equipped with six rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a cellar. Then there is also the monastery complex with a total of eight monastery cells and two wet cells. Due to its location, the property offers a beautiful view of the Fulda Valley.

What the situation is with the furnishings, especially the “sacral objects”, remains to be seen. They represent a sales option. One possibility would be to remain in the church. Otherwise, the handover would remain to the diocese or other communities. A separate sales campaign on the online platform is also possible.

Time is now running out. Anyone who would like to secure this Catholic facility including church, rectory and monastery for 395,000 euros only has until mid-March. Until then, this offer should remain in “classifieds”.

Time for something important – here

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Hebrews 9:24

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Bargain offer – church, rectory and monastery complex
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