Olli Dürr Society Abrahamic Family House & House of One – Rebellion against God

Abrahamic Family House & House of One – Rebellion against God

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In Abu Dhabi, the newly built “Abrahamic Family House” will be open to the public from March 1, 2023. The complex uniting religions is intended to bring Christianity, Judaism and Islam together into a brotherhood within the human family. A similar project, “House of One”, is currently under construction in Berlin. The intentionally closed rebellion against God is already in preparation.

Abrahamic Family House already inaugurated

Abu Dhabi

Abrahamitisches Gemeinschaftshaus in Abu Dhabi eingeweiht

The first major project to unite the world religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam has been completed. The “Abrahamic Family House” has now been inaugurated in Abu Dhabi, on Saadiyat Island. The project was launched with the “Document on Human Fraternity” signed in Abu Dhabi on February 4, 2019. The signatories were Pope Francis and Ahmed El-Tayeb on behalf of the al-Azhar Mosque. The main buildings on the “Brotherhood” site are the “Saint Francis of Assisi Church”, the “Moses Ben Maimon Synagogue” and the “Imam Al Tayeb Mosque”. All three buildings are in the shape of a cube with an edge length of 30m. In between, conference buildings and parks were set up for “joint exchange”. Access to the public is planned from March 1, 2023.

The common intersection was defined with Abraham

Abrahamic house Abu Dhabi

Abrahamic Family House (*1

The commonality of Christianity, Judaism and Islam was the aim of the planning. The “Abrahamic Family House” is intended to promote interreligious dialogue brotherhood. Abraham, or Ibrahim in Islam, serves as the common denominator for the three world religions. The forefather of the people of Israel and the Arab peoples. Abraham had two sons, Ishmael and Isaac. The former is now considered the progenitor of Islam. Jacob descended from Isaac, i.e. Israel. So the calculation is: The differences between religions can’t be that big, since after all, Abraham has the same forefather.

The “House of One” is growing in Berlin

A similar project with the same goal is also underway in Berlin. The “House of One”. A church, a synagogue, a mosque and community facilities are planned. The starting signal was given in 2011. But as is now a tradition in Berlin, the time between planning, realization and opening takes a little longer than in the rest of the world. The original date for the laying of the foundation stone was April 14, 2020. However, the self-imposed Corona measures undermined this project. May 27, 2021 was finally set as an alternative date. Apparently people in Berlin have not yet heard of the completion of the community facility in Abu Dhabi, because the initiators of the “House of One” are still talking about their own project as something “unique in the world”.

Tower of Babel in modern times

Tower of Babel Pieter Brueghel

This is how Pieter Brueghel imagined the Tower of Babel

I would have to research the names of the synagogue and the mosque in the newly opened community center in Abu Dhabi. The “characters” of these namesakes are not known. For the church, however, Francis of Assisi clearly represents Catholicism to me, but not the idea of ​​Christianity. However, this doesn’t seem to be so important for the initiators, since the creation of a community space also quickly brought the term “Abrahamic faith” into the world. This only implies the supposed togetherness based on the common forefather, but not what actually characterizes this “special faith of Abraham”.

The original choice of date for the laying of the foundation stone shows how little there really is a truly Christian idea behind the “House of One” project. April 14, 2020 was the 237th anniversary of the premiere of Lessing’s “Nathan the Wise”. This drama premiered in Berlin on April 14, 1783 and has a focus on humanism, tolerance and enlightenment. A philosophy right at the time of the emerging French Revolution (1789 to 1799) with the subsequent ban on all religions and then the final declaration of human rights. The opening for “House of One” is planned for 2024 or 2025. You don’t know exactly. Based on experience, the setting of an opening date will probably be avoided as a precautionary measure.

The EU Parliament took Babel as a model

EU Parliament building

The EU Parliament building

But “the end justifies the means” and the goal is humanity united in “close” brotherhood. Such ambitions cannot be justified with the gospel. A “Babylonian tower” of the modern era. The idea that Nimrod, the “first tyrant”, once had as the reason for building the Tower of Babel has long since returned to modern times. The union of people for communal arrogance and rebellion against God and His statutes. The EU Parliament building is blatantly modeled on the artist Pieter Brueghel’s ideas about the tower.

Bluntly modeled on the Parliament building

Plakat EU-Parlament

Advertising poster for the establishment of the EU Parliament

They didn’t even want to hide it. An official advertising poster about the EU Parliament’s “stroke of luck” for the people of the European Union clearly shows the building’s connection to the Tower of Babel. “Many languages ​​and one voice,” is the slogan, referring to the language confusion caused by God and the goal of reversing this. The 12 stars in their respective alignment speak for themselves anyway.

The “Beast from the Abyss” is visible

The Bible describes the “beast from the bottomless pit” in the book of Revelation. This appears for the first time in Chapter 11 and describes the events surrounding the French Revolution. Religion, especially Christianity, was banned (2 witnesses were killed by the beast). After 3.5 years, the declaration of human rights took place (2 witnesses were resurrected after 3.5 days), including the free exercise of religion, which was declared a human right (more info). In chapter 17, the “Beast from the bottomless pit” appears again and, together with the “kings of the earth”, will declare war on the Lamb (Jesus and believers in the true gospel). (more info). While the French Revolution with the birth of atheism and “own reason” is already a thing of the past, the events described in Revelation 17 in their beginnings are happening now and here before all of our eyes.

(*1 Picture: By Boubloub – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

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