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The Signs of the Times – Announced by the Bible

Deutsch The events of the past centuries up to the present have long been described or announced, from rough outlines to individual details. All of mehr lesen ...

Three Angels Message – The Final Warning
Laute Botschaft

Deutsch The Three Angels' Message is one of the most important warnings and exhortations in the entire Bible. As time goes on, this message from mehr lesen ...

The Controlled “Golden Cage”

Deutsch People's supposed freedoms are found in corridors that are becoming ever narrower. To ensure that this controlled "golden cage" is not perceived as such, mehr lesen ...

The right baptism – immersion and not just sprinkling
Echte Taufe

Deutsch The man or woman who is (supposedly) baptized today in the Catholic or Protestant Church usually just got wet on the head as a mehr lesen ...

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