Olli Dürr Politic Social compensation for heating law required – LAG?

Social compensation for heating law required – LAG?

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The Paritätische Gesamtverband (charity Germany) is concerned about the financially less well-off homeowners. The heating law and the heat transition are necessary due to climate protection, but there must be a “social balance”. The “timing” would at least be perfect.

Demand for a “social balance”

With the promised “Heating Act” or the so-called “Heat Turnaround”, politicians have put a sinister giant block in front of the noses of apartment and house owners. If the plans according to the children’s book author and current Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) are implemented, then from 2024 no more heating may be installed in new buildings that cannot be operated with at least 65 percent from renewable energies. Strictly speaking, this even eliminated the much-touted heating pump, since less than 50 percent of the electricity is currently generated from renewable sources. It’s a good thing that this division of the “top dog” Viessmann was (had to be?) recently sold off to private hands in the USA.

A great theatrical performance

But even with this topic, it will probably go the way it did before. A monster is put in front of the people and the ruling and opposition parties put knives on each other’s chests. In several theatrically performed acts of the celebrated “controversy”, a “softened” compromise was agreed upon. That’s exactly where it should go and the population takes a deep breath and thinks they got away with a “black eye”. “Greetings from Hegel”.

Alibi functions?

Again and again, some so-called aid organizations stand out as accomplices, which appear and act as human helpers, but in the background, because of their positive reputation, help to advance the politically desired agenda. “If they say that too, then it must be right.” This is how you bring even the “most woke” topics to the masses and can still give people a good conscience.

Parity calls for mitigation

heating system

Heating law could trigger new LAG – expropriation

The “Paritätische Gesamtverband” (charity organisation in Germany) is now calling on politicians to create an effective social balance in the planned heating law. The general manager of the association, Ulrich Schneider, told the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” (Tuesday) that all traffic light parties are now being asked to end the unsettling dispute in the coalition. Now a “cushioned heating law” must be passed. This change in heating is important for climate protection and will reduce heating costs in the long term.
What justifies this statement that heating will become cheaper remains a well-kept secret of the association, as does the claim by the Greens that after the last nuclear power plants were shut down, electricity would become cheaper because this nuclear power no longer clogs the lines (!)

“If you don’t have much money, you have to be able to count on the fact that the additional costs will be covered”, so Schneider.

“Social compensation” is reminiscent of the Equalization of Burdens Act

The demand for “social compensation” immediately triggers an amendment to the “Burden Equalization Act” (LAG) passed by the previous federal government in December 2019. The law created in the 1950s to provide financial compensation to war victims through (partial) expropriation of land and house owners was passed on December 12, 2019 for revealing changes.
That’s what it says in point 2:

§ 292 is changed as follows:
a) In the headline, the word “War Victims Welfare” is replaced by the words “Social Compensation“.
c) In paragraph 2, the words “or from welfare for war victims” are replaced by the words “from welfare services according to § 145 paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Fourteenth Book of the Social Code in conjunction with the Federal Pensions Act in the version applicable on December 31, 2023 or by special benefits in individual cases according to the provisions of the eleventh chapter of the fourteenth book of the Social Code”.
bb) In sentence 3, the word “War victims welfare” is replaced by the words “Social compensation according to the Fourteenth Book of the Social Code“.

This would also clarify where the money for “social compensation” could come from. This change, implemented “on the fly” by the former federal government, will come into effect from January 1st, 2024. Perfect and “cross-legislature” timing!

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