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Energy transition & coal exit – Huge wealth redistribution


With the achievements of the “Coal Commission”, another package was apparently put together with which funds from employees and private households can be withdrawn even more effectively as part of the energy transition.

Fight against CO2 for climate protection

FRG raid
Go all out with climate protection & a virtual CO2 ban

The climate is changing “suddenly”. As if the sun’s influence had never existed, when it’s hot in summer and cold in winter, it’s now solely man’s fault and his excessive production of carbon dioxide. Sounds crazy. It is. The media literally rush themselves with climate catastrophe scenarios when it snows longer in winter or the summer was just very sunny. It’s cold, climate change. It’s warm, climate change. The sun is shining, climate change. It’s raining, also climate change.

Critics are defamed as climate deniers

In order to keep the voices against such sometimes obvious nonsense small, new defamation words such as “climate deniers” are created. What is that supposed to be? “Someone denies the climate?!” The culmination of this game at kindergarten level are very loud demands from relevant political actors to make the “denial of climate change” a punishable offence. These are probably the same “persons” who, out of pure profiling, let the tap flutter the hardest at the word “tolerance”. By the way, how’s El Niño?

As persistently as “science” in the 1970s saw an approaching ice age, they now predict an earthly oven. Carbon dioxide was once blamed for the impending cooling of the earth touted by grant-funded scientists. Now this gas contained in the air has to be used in tiny quantities to heat up the atmosphere. How high is the proportion of carbon dioxide in the air?

Main components of air

Nitrogen N278.084
Oxygen O220.946
Argon Ar0.9340
Rest (incl. CO2)0.04338

The following table contains the components of the “rest” item.

Residual components of the air

Carbondioxide CO20.0407
Neon Ne0.001818
Helium He0.000524
Methane CH40.00018
Krypton Kr0.000114

The CO2 percentage in the air is 0.0407 percent. Nature produces around 96 percent of it, i.e. 0.039072 percent of the entire air, and man causes the “large rest”, i.e. 0.001628 percent. How high is the share of CO2 caused by the Federal Republic of Germany? Statista says it was 2.23 percent in 2016. Thus, all federal residents together cause 0.0000036 percent of carbon dioxide in the entire air.

Incidentally, China is responsible for 28.21 percent and the USA for 15.99 percent of the world’s “handmade” CO2.

What is all this going to cost and who is going to pay for it?

The proclaimed climate protection is fundamentally based on the avoidance of further “harmful CO2. With the introduction of emissions trading based on certificates, the multi-billion dollar business “climate protection” was recently heralded. But that’s obviously not enough, because from Taxpayers, employees and private households still have a lot more to gain and that’s why the climate is now simply being allowed to change faster “than normal”.

The (dis)education server with the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art as “Superintendent” doesn’t really provide any valuable information on the probable costs of “climate protection” apart from theatrical illustrations. The “scientists” are relatively precise about the immense costs that the announced climate change will cause through damage, even with foresight over decades, but it becomes difficult when it comes to the effort for the supposed countermeasures.

The Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) also just juggles around with big numbers and lumps together the damage, costs and loss of profits forecast by whomsoever. In the end, there is a figure of around 800 billion euros by the year 2050, of which 330 billion euros are attributable to direct damage caused by climate change. It still says something from 3,000 billion euros by the year 2100, but with such pronounced visionary abilities, one only caves in in awe.

The EUR 300 billion mentioned as proportionate climate damage costs, which will (or should) mainly fall back on private households, appear to be more important. Accordingly, around 170 billion euros will relate to adaptation measures. The bottom line, however, is that it doesn’t matter where which costs are produced and at what level. The bills always trickle down and always end up with private households or the taxpayer.

It is what it is – A wealth redistribution program

The bottom line is that the “fight against CO2 costs a good, probably conservatively estimated, 30 billion euros per year. That’s initially around 365 euros for every federal resident. Infants, old people and immigrant social profiteers are counted. However these 30 billion should be added, as the ifo Institute estimates. The Munich economists criticized the result of the coal commission as “too brief”. ifo assumes additional expenditures in the context of the energy transition in the range of 1,000 billion euros by 2050.

The federal government wants to take the lead in the fight against climate change. In this category, the German tax and “labour Frederique” actually takes the leading role worldwide. For a share of 2.23 percent of CO2 or 0.0000036 percent of all air. Carbon pricing is considered almost certain. And when will the first breath measuring devices come out?

Fight against carbon dioxide – Diabolic

Incidentally, carbon dioxide is the basic building block for all plant growth. A tree weighing 1,000 kg took around 980 kg of carbon dioxide out of the air and released pure oxygen into the air. Most plants respond to an increase in CO2 in the air with accelerated growth. The fight against CO2 is therefore also a fight against safe food supplies for humans and animals. The so-called climate protection in connection with the avoidance of carbon dioxide is a politically implemented diabolical ideology.

Energy transition & coal exit – Huge wealth redistribution
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