Olli Dürr In the Stream of Time – Biblical Agreement

In the Stream of Time – Biblical Agreement

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The global developments in the areas of politics, environment, society, conflicts and religions, when compared to the biblical prophecies, offer an impressive picture of the current status in the current flow of time.

Amazing coincidences of prophecies

Flow of time

In the flow of time

There have always been conflicts, environmental disasters, plagues, crime, moral apostasy and encroachments by the “powerful”. The “small difference” to the events of this kind that have occurred in limited areas and isolated so far lies in the phenomena that are now occurring globally and in parallel. A constellation that has never appeared before. A novelty and also very “tailor-made” to the descriptions given in the Holy Scriptures about the conditions in the final times. The similarities are amazing.

The areas described in the Bible

1. The environment is falling apart (extreme weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, epidemics, etc.)
2. Worldwide decay of morality
3. Global ethnic conflicts (wars, rumors of wars, uprisings, civil wars)
4. Development of world politics
5. Religious developments
6. Forced system conformity including restrictions on economic participation

The now observable phenomena

To 1:
Global increase in floods, heavy rains, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, drought, animal diseases, Covid, etc.

To 2:
Increasing sexual permissiveness, same-sex marriages, 2 mothers or 2 fathers for children, adolescents and children should determine adults, generally turning hierarchies upside down, mass abortions (about 25% of all pregnancies!), Etc…

To 3:
Increasing unrest on all continents, refugee flows, BLM movement, USA-China-India-Russia-Belarus conflict, etc…

To 4:
In the meantime, the USA has become the executive of the Vatican (Catholic social teaching according to the encyclicals “Rerum Novarum”, “Laudato si'” and “Fratelli Tutti”, as well as the pastoral constitution “Gaudium et spes”), governments of the countries follow the guidelines of the Vatican (also secular states via environmental issues and “social justice”).

To 5:
“Messiah appearances” (e.g. Matreia), rabbis in Israel are increasingly announcing the upcoming appearance of the Messiah and have even reported direct contact. Other associations of religions (ecumenism), Protestantism has long been laid “ad acta”. General recognition of the Pope as religious leader and global leader as well as the highest moral authority, BLM movement is spiritual (among other things because of ancestor and death cults).

To 6:
Conditioning of people by Covid-based restrictions, continued deprivation of basic rights (now declared as privileges). Exclusion from social participation if not “vaccinated”, actions WEF (“Great Reset”), plans by Council for Inclusive Capitalism, plans for CO2 points and control system for each individual, continued restrictions on cash, rising inflation (=expropriation), etc…

All that was missing was the final step of an actual appearance of a (pseudo) messiah and the erection of the image (e.g. recognition of the papacy as the highest global authority and the worship of the erected image (Revelation 13) via fiction, which was required on a Sunday ” Mother Earth”, Nature -> Gaia), with the consequence of the economic exclusion of non-conformists and further sanctions such as imprisonment and finally also a death decree (“freedom from birds”, non-conformists with the consequence of being allowed to be killed by everyone as enemies of the common good).

The warning message is becoming increasingly important!

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