Olli Dürr Special events on the Hebrew day Av 9

Special events on the Hebrew day Av 9

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In the history of the people of Israel and the Jewish people, numerous fateful events have taken place up to the present day. Many of these events have something in common. It happened on the same day Av 9.

Hebrew calendar looks completely different

Day Av 9

The 9th day of the month Av is of particular importance

The Hebrew or Jewish calendar differs significantly from the Gregorian calendar that we are familiar with. A Hebrew month has 29 or 30 days. This automatically leads to corresponding shifts between the Hebrew and the Gregorian calendar. In addition, a “leap month” is inserted a total of 7 times in a cycle of 19 years in the Hebrew calendar. In such a leap year, the normal month “Adar” is preceded by the “additional Adar”.

A Hebrew month is called Av (or Aw). This month begins in the mid-July and mid-August range. Looking at historical events, day 9 of the month Av stands out. Many events concerning the Israeli and Jewish people happened on the same day of Av 9. The following listing is taken from Elena’s Israel blog.

Historical events on day Av 9

The following is a list of important events that happened on Av 9 of that year.

  • It was Av 9 in the year 2313 (theor. 04.07.1448 BC*) when the 12 spies sent to the land of Canaan returned and 10 of them advised against entering the promised land and 2 agreed. This led to decades of desert migration, 40 years in total.
  • It was Av 9 in the year 3174 (theor. 07/23/586 BC) when Solomon’s Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians.
  • It was Av 9 in the year 3830 (theor. 08/02/70) when the 2nd temple of Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans under the commander Titus.
  • It was Av 9 in the year 3895 (theor. 04.08.135) when the Roman Emperor Hadrian crushed the Bar-Kochbar rebellion. The survivors of the Jewish people were scattered all over the world.
  • It was Av 9 in the year 5050 (07/25/1290) when the Jewish people were expelled from England by King Edward I.
  • It was Av 9 in the year 5252 (8/11/1492) when the Jewish people were expelled from Spain (Edict of the Alhambra).
  • It was the Av 9 in the year 5674 (08/01/1914) when the First World War began with Germany’s declaration of war. Before that, on July 28, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.
  • It was the Av 9 in the year 5702 (07/23/1942) when the Treblinka extermination camp was opened in occupied Poland.
  • It was Av 9 in the year 5765 (08/14/2005) when Israeli citizens were banned from entering the areas to be evacuated. The evacuation of the Gaza Strip began.

Year count discrepancy

*) In Elena’s Israel blog, the year is 1312 BC indicated. However, this year cannot be correct. Using the biblical sequence (chronicle) and the historically documented dates of other events, the year 1450 BC can be concluded for the exodus of Israel from Egypt.Minor deviations of just a few years are quite possible. The Hebrew calendar begins in 3761 BC. However, there is a not inconsiderable discrepancy when calculating the length of the Medo-Persian rule. The discrepancy is in the range of 239 years.

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