Olli Dürr A few simple descriptions of the end times

A few simple descriptions of the end times

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There are many predictions, prophecies and statements about the end times. Especially recent “prophecies” often turn out to be wrong very quickly. In the Bible there are numerous descriptions of the conditions in the times of the “final”. Some statements can certainly be interpreted, while others are unmistakable because they are in plain text. There are quite a few.

Overview of existing end-time descriptions in the NT


The Bible gives some very clear information about what is to come

The following is a summary of statements about the “final times” in the New Testament of the Bible. Without any explanation or interpretation. Everyone can form their own thoughts about the content and in comparison with current events.

Matthew chapter 24

  • Many will claim to be Christ (a Redeemer).
  • One (pagans) people will rise above the other
  • Many wars and rumors of wars
  • Famines, plagues and earthquakes
  • God’s people will be abandoned to tribulation. God’s people will be hated and killed by all nations for Jesus’ name’s sake
  • Mutual betrayal and hatred
  • Many false prophets will appear and deceive many
  • Lawlessness abounds
  • Love will grow cold
  • After the tribulation, just before Jesus returns, the sun and moon are darkened
  • Nevertheless everything goes “its usual way” (like in the time of Noah)

Mark chapter 13

  • God’s people will be handed over to the “synagogues”, the courts and rulers, for the testimony of Jesus
  • Parents and children will fight each other and also help each other to kill

1 Thessalonians chapter 5

  • When “peace and security” is said, Jesus’ return is imminent

2. Thessalonians chapter 2

  • Great Apostasy
  • The man of sin (“son of perdition”) must be revealed
  • The man of sin opposes God, rises above all, sits in God’s temple and poses as God

2 Timothy chapter 3

  • Bad times in the last few days.
  • People will love themselves, greedy for money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderous, uncontrolled, violent, hostile to good, traitors, frivolous, conceited, loving pleasure more than God
  • Fear of God on the outside, slanderous on the inside
  • Men will resist the truth, depraved in spirit, unfit in faith

2 Peter chapter 3

  • At the end of days scoffers will come. They walk according to their own lusts. They ask where the promise of His return is

1 John Chapter 2

  • Many antichrists will come, then it will be the “last hour”

The book of Revelation provides a variety of end-time descriptions. However, this is very extensive and deserves a own consideration.

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