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Protestantism is no more – Back to Rome

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Protestantism after the start of the Reformation in 1517 no longer exists. Outwardly, Catholic and EV churches still appear separate, but it is now a reunited family of a mother and many young daughters. The return to Rome has already been completed.

Revelation clearly speaks here of “mother” and “harlots”


The city on the 7 mountains - the home of all daughters

There are still various differences between the Catholic and the Protestant churches. However, these differences are only external. Anyone who has already left one of the (institutional) churches is still allowed to indirectly support the Catholic and EV churches in Germany through the liberal distribution of tax money in the billions. In truth, Protestantism has come to an end. This is also the reason why the state-funded houses of faith and also a whole series of small churches have moved away from the gospel and are in the midst of the current of the politically correct zeitgeist. The return of the “apostate” daughters to the bosom of the Mother Church has already been completed.

The Catholic Church was actually never part of ecumenism

As part of the so-called ecumenism (Oikomene, Greek = “encompassing the world”), Evangelicals, Protestants, Lutherans, Anglicans, Baptists and other evangelical churches returned to the mother church in Rome, and they did so with a letter and seal. The Catholic Church has never really been part of ecumenism. That already forbids their self-understanding. The former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, declared in 2000 that the inclusion of the Catholic Church was not a question of sister churches. “We” are the mother, according to his statement:

” It must always remain clear, even when the term sister churches is used in this correct sense, that the universal, one, holy, catholic and apostolic church is not sister but mother of all particular churches.” (Source).

With that, the situation is clear. The “breakaway” evangelical churches are sisters to each other, but all are daughters to the Vatican. That also fitted according to the statement in Revelation 17:5: “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” So a mother with “prostituting daughters”. For the mother, Revelation 17:18 has: “And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.” The key here is to read the entirety of Revelation chapter 17 in context so that the context is clear. Anyway, everyone should take the Bible into their own hands and not rely on others opinions.

The reunification of the church(es) is complete

The return of the daughters to the mother has long been sealed. Initiated or promoted since Vatican II in the 1960s. The result was completed in two stages. On October 31, 1999, the first evangelical churches signed the “Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification” and on October 31, 2017 the “Joint Lutheran-Catholic Reformation Commemoration” was published, which can be read in the work “Vom Konflikt zur Gemeinschaft” (“From Conflict to Community”).

These declarations were demonstratively made on October 31, especially the one from 2017, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The 95 theses, which Martin Luther famously posted on the Wittenberg church, had the denounced sale of indulgences as the only focus, but this was not the only topic. It is all the more astonishing that those responsible for the evangelical churches simply accepted these declarations, which were clearly aligned with Catholic dogmas. The Church has not changed its dogmas from the Middle Ages by a finger’s breadth, only reformulated them in a “gentle” way. A correction of earlier dogmas by the Catholic Church is not possible. Otherwise the church would contradict its self-proclaimed “infallibility”.

Even the initial explanation in “Vom Konflikt zur Gemeinschaft” is very “illuminating” about the “spirit” actually hidden behind it:

What happened in the past cannot be changed. However, what is remembered from the past and how it is remembered can actually change over time. Memory makes the past present. While the past itself is immutable, the presence of the past in the present is mutable. Looking ahead to 2017, it’s not about telling a different story, it’s about telling that story differently.” (Chapter II, Page 12).

The authors of such a “thinking structure”, which is also considered to be nonsense, can be clearly assigned. Keyword: “learning against learning“. Whether this “logic” is also applied to historical events other than the separation of the “daughter churches” remains to be seen.

Excerpts from “Vom Konflikt zur Gemeinschaft”

Those in charge of the evangelical churches today describe the separation from the mother church of Rome as a mistake. Some even speak of a sin:

“The true unity of the church can only be unity in the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The fact that the struggle for this truth in the 16th century led to the loss of unity in Western Christianity is one of the darkest pages of church history. In 2017 we will have to openly confess that we are guilty before Christ of damaging the unity of the church. This commemorative year presents us with two challenges: cleansing and healing of memories and restoration of Christian unity in accordance with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ (Eph. 4:4-6).”

(“Vom Konflikt zur Gemeinschaft”, Page 6).

With the recognition of the Vatican as the mother of all churches, there is also automatic recognition of all the requirements of the Catholic Church. Catechism. There is a whole series of deviations from the gospel here. These are not easy changes of direction, but partly a reversal to the point of the opposite. The service for ancient and new idols is included. So also on the subject of the Eucharist and the rite of the constantly repeated sacrifice of Jesus:

“This conceptual concept seemed, from the Catholic point of view, to be the best guarantee of recording the real presence of Jesus Christ in the species of bread and wine and of ensuring the presence of the whole reality of Jesus Christ in each of the species.”
(“Vom Konflikt zur Gemeinschaft”, Pos. 149)
“This is also what Christ’s command is meant in the Lord’s Supper: in the proclamation of his saving death in his own words, while following through with his actions at the meal, the ‘commemoration’ takes place, in which Jesus’ word and work of salvation themselves become present.”
(“Vom Konflikt zur Gemeinschaft”, Pos. 158)

Martin Luther, like other pioneers of the Reformation, recognized the Catholic Church completely wrong teaching about justification. The gospel teaches that righteousness can only be obtained by faith through the grace of Jesus. But the Vatican sees the ability of believers to achieve salvation through works justice (of course only through the priesthood). However, the evangelical churches have accepted the following passage:

“Luther’s view that God’s expectation of total devotion to Him in fulfilling the law makes it clear why Luther was so emphatic in emphasizing our total dependence on Christ’s righteousness. Christ is the only one who fully fulfilled God’s will, while all other people can only become righteous in a strict, that is, theological sense, by participating in Christ’s righteousness. Therefore our righteousness is external, IF it is Christ’s righteousness, but it must become OUR righteousness, that is, internal, through faith in Christ’s promise. Only by participating in Christ’s total commitment to God can we become fully righteous.”
(“Vom Konflikt zur Gemeinschaft”, Pos. 112)

However, the Vatican takes it very superficially when it comes to dealing with the transgressions of people, which were also committed by the Protestants. However, this “half-heartedness” is accepted by the repentant EV churches as follows:

“Already in his message to the “Reichstag” in Nuremberg on November 25, 1522, Pope Adrian VI. Abuses and offenses, sins and blunders, IF committed by ecclesiastical authorities
(“Vom Konflikt zur Gemeinschaft”, Pos. 234)

Hiddenly stuck to justice by works

The Catholic Church still adheres to the learned works justice. This also includes the whole procedure relating to indulgences, their lucrative trade and the associated dogmas relating to the “treasure of good works”, which is only accessible to the Pope. This is filled with the good works of Jesus, the “Mother of God” Virgin Mary, and the armada of professed saints.

The “homecoming” was particularly important in the United States

The merging, or rather the assimilation of the EV churches back to the mother organization, was also carried out at high speed in the USA. The Catholic Church designated the election of the President Joe Biden anyway as a “salvation” and the previous Protestantism as a ballast that has now been finally eliminated.

“Declaration on the way”

In the run-up to this, “reunification” proceeded at full speed, immediately after Vatican II came to an end in the years 1962 to 1965. A summary of these measures can be found in “Declaration on the way”. (Source). Individual points in this work are very revealing. Already in the introduction one tries not to think of the gospel, but that of a “Catholic saint”.
I think then that the one goal of all who are really and truly serving the Lord ought to be to bring back to union the churches which have at different times and in diverse manners divided from one another.” (St. Basil the Great, 330-379).

Pos. 9: “Catholics and Lutherans agree that the church on earth is indefectible.
Pos. 10: “They furthermore agree that the church on earth is united with the community of the saints in glory
Pos. 13: “Lutherans and Catholics agree that the ordained ministry belongs to the essential elements that express the church’s apostolic character and that it also contributes, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to the church’s continuing apostolic faithfulness.“.
Pos. 20: “Catholics and Lutherans also agree that the office of ministry stands over against the community as well as within it and thus is called to exercise authority over the community.
Pos. 30: “Lutherans and Catholics agree that in the sacrament of the Lord’s supper, Jesus Christ himself is present: He is present truly, substantially, as a person, and he is present in his entirety, as Son of God and a human being.”

Earlier apostasy of the EV churches

As early as 1988, the apostasy from the true gospel was confirmed by the return to the Catholic Church. Church officially sealed. The Evangelical Churches of Germany (EKD) together with the Church of England (Anglicans) drafted the following “Meissner Agreement“:

“With the Meissner Declaration, the EKD and the Church of England have recognized each other as churches of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ and have committed themselves to taking all possible steps towards closer fellowship in as many areas of Christian life as possible and to witness as possible, and to strive together for full, visible unity.”

With this, the evangelical churches in Germany declared that they wanted to ceremonially return to the mother church in Rome, hand in hand with the Church of England. The EDK (Evangelical Churches of Germany) already deleted the page about this agreement. But the Internet never will forget.

The Catholic Church enjoyed the decline of Protestantism

The Catholic Church, more precisely the “Society of Jesus”, clearly enjoyed and savored the provoked disintegration of Protestantism. A feast followed by the disposal of the broken bones.

“Protestantism is already wearing out and sinking into decay. Yes, we are destined to revile his final agony, and march upon his broken skeleton and scattered bones. Let us hasten this disintegration through our strong and united efforts.”
(Vatican Assassins, Eric John Phelps, P. 282)
“Protestantism is rotting, it’s crumbling. We are beginning to win eminent figures (England’s John Cardinal Newman), and there are even eminent figures whom we have been able to persuade are lost if they continue to uphold Protestantism.”
(Vatican Assassins, Eric John Phelps, P. 283)

Common rejection of the gospel

The core message of Jesus according to John 14:6: “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” is thrown overboard. According to the dogmas of Rome, no one comes to God if the “believer” does not take the path via a Catholic priest and, if possible, via Mary or one of the “saints”. Finally “confirmed” according to cath. Catechism God the decisions of a priest. In other words: God has followed the decisions of the cath. to keep priests. In addition, there is the unspeakable teaching about the so-called factory justice. This presumptuous self-understanding of Rome is now also a binding guideline for the evangelical churches. De facto, Protestantism has thus ceased to exist.

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