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The names and designations of Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has many names and denominations. All of them describe His character, actions and intentions. In the Old Testament, the future Messiah from the point of view of that time will be given the name “Immanuel”. This name means “God with us”. The name “Christ” comes from the Greek (Christos) and means “anointed one”. The Hebrews used the term “Messiah” for this word.

The naming of Jesus Christ

The following list shows the numerous names and designations of our Savior Jesus Christ as well as the corresponding Bible passages.

Immanuel – Isaiah 7:14
Wonderful, Counsellor – Isaiah 9:6
The mighty God – Isaiah 9:6
The everlasting Father – Isaiah 9:6
The Prince of Peace – Isaiah 9:6
Son of man – Matthew 25:31
Christ – Matthew 16:16
Bridegroom – Luke 5:34-35
Lamb of God – John 1:29.36
Messias – John 1:41
Son of God, King of Israel – John 1:49
Bread of life – John 6:35.48
The living bread – John 6:51
The light of life – John 8:12
The light of the world – John 9:5
The door – John 10:7.9
The good shepherd – John 10:11
The Word of God – Rev. 19:13
Master and Lord – John 13:13
The way, the truth, the life – John 14:6
The true vine – John 15:1
The Lord of glory – 1 Cor 2:8
The rock – 1 Cor. 10:4
Godhead – Col. 2:9
Potentate, the King of kings, the Lord of lords – 1 Tim. 6:15
Captain of salvation – Hebr. 2:10
Great high priest – Hebr. 4:14
Author and finisher of our faith– Hebr. 12:2
Great shepherd – Hebr. 13:20
A living stone – 1 Peter 2:4
Eckstein – 1 Petr. 2,6
Shepherd and Bishop of your souls – 1 Peter 2:25
Chief Shepherd – 1 Peter 5:4
The faithful witness, the first begotten, prince of the kings of the earth – Rev. 1:5
Alpha and Omega, the Almighty – Rev. 1:8
Lion of the tribe of Juda, Root of David – Rev. 5:5
Offspring of David, Morning Star – Rev. 22:16
The resurrection, and the life – John 11:25
Faithful and True – Rev. 19:11

Bible verses from King James Version

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