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History – Biblical Chronicle from Adam to Jesus

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In any case, it pays off for the Biblical Chronicle to follow the sequences of dates, births and generations given in Scripture. In this way, some hard-to-understand information about years of birth and years of events can be brought into the light of day. A prime example is the birth year of Moses and the time of Israel’s exodus from Egypt.

Just understand the biblical chronicles yourself


Comprehensible Bible chronicle

When researching the year of Moses’ birth, I was presented with different information. Partly extrapolated from Adam to Abraham, to then insert the birth of Moses “somewhere in between”. On the one hand, the information is not comprehensible and somehow not conclusive. So why not pick up the Bible yourself and put the information it contains on paper, including a calculator?

It is not that difficult to understand the sequence of generations including the dates in the Bible. The respective age at the birth of the son as well as the respective lifetime is partly broken down in detail. In the first book of Moses, chapter 5, the sequence from Adam to Noah and his sons Shem, Ham and Japhet can be traced step by step. In Genesis, chapter 11 it goes on, from Shem to Abraham. Taking the year “0” for the beginning of creation, it takes only simple math to arrive at the year 1948 after creation as the birth year of Abraham (Abram). In chapter 16 of the first book of Moses, the information about Ishmael’s birth already follows. Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born, according to Genesis 21:5. Esau and Jacob were born when Isaac was 60 years old, according to Genesis 25:26.

The circle closes with the construction of the Solomon Temple

This was the year 2108 after creation when Esau and Jacob were conceived (or born). When Jacob moved to Egypt with his family, Jacob was 130 years old (Genesis 47:8-9). From that point on Jacob (Israel) and all his sons were in Egypt. According to Exodus 12:40, the sons of Israel stayed in Egypt for 430 years. Mathematically, the exodus from Egypt (exodus) took place in the year 2668 after creation. From this, after 40 years of wandering in the desert, the year 2708 could also be calculated for the entry into Canaan. According to 1 Kings 6:1: “And it came to pass in the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon’s reign over Israel, in the month Zif, which is the second month, that he began to build the house of the LORD.”, it was the year 3148 after creation when the construction of the 1st temple began.

Deviations in the biblical chronicle are quite possible

At this point there is still a discrepancy of 3 years. Possibly through my interpretation of the years (beginning years, current years, new years, etc.), their concatenation and the different way of counting Hebrew years. The Bible speaks of “procreation” and not “birth”. This could add a maximum of 9 months of shift per generation. According to historical records, with the construction of the 1st Temple (Salomon) in 967 BC. began. This would coincide with the year 3148 after creation. However, another calculation results in the year 3151 after creation. At this point I remain on the ball. Nevertheless, it is now easy to calculate backwards in order to compare the years after creation with the information from BC. to be reconciled (deviation of 3 years possible).

This results in the year 1450 BC. for Israel’s exodus from Egypt. Thus the birth year of Moses is also in the range of 1530 BC (2588 after creation). The connection with the pharaohs in Egypt at that time and the different dates of the death of Tutmosis III. is particularly interesting here. When researching, one finds at least 3 different years of the pharaoh’s death. Nevertheless, the Oxford Dictionary also states that Tutmosis III. in the years 1504 to 1450 BC. lived. This would “perfectly” coincide with Israel’s exodus from Egypt. According to the biblical report, the pharaoh died in this context in the Red Sea. Other sources date the pharaoh’s death to around 1426 BC. It is just striking that a part (a third) of the obelisk of Tutmosis III. has found its place in the middle of Rome (Lateran). Why this anything but Christian symbol was set up near the main church of the Vatican remains a “supposed secret” of the clergy.

The other entries in this graphic chronicle also include entries of the prophecies in the Bible (Daniel, Revelation) and their chronological classification. In addition, there are historical events that are not explicitly found in the Bible, but are related to the descriptions and show interesting times or intervals.

Biblical chronicle as graphics on paper

The following picture is just a representation of the created chronicle as a graphic in a hardly helpful resolution. That’s why the graphic chronicle can be “downloaded” as a .pdf-file. The paper corresponds to the format DIN A1 (59,4 × 84,1 cm / 23,4″ x 33,1″). The chronicle is freely available, but is still being edited. There are definitely a few mistakes hidden in there. Additions will also be made. The representations as colored bars and their labels have a chronological connection. Since it is already “in the swing”, the biblical chronicles also contain the succession of further generations. However, these are not related in time. On the one hand, the years of the individual descendants are not given in the Bible and on the other hand, such a list would easily go beyond the scope.

Bible Chronicle view

Sequence Creation to the Exodus of Israel

Total years
from creation
Name / Event Time period until next event Reference
0 Creation / Adam 130 Genesis 5:3
130 Seth 105 Genesis 5:6
235 Enosh 90 Genesis 5:9
325 Kenan 70 Genesis 5:12
395 Mahalaleel 65 Genesis 5:15
460 Jared 162 Genesis 5:18
622 Enoch 65 Genesis 5:21
687 Methuselah 187 Genesis 5:25
874 Lamech 182 Genesis 5:28
1056 Noah 600 Genesis 7:6
1656 Flood 1 Genesis 8:13
1656 Arpakshad 35 Genesis 5:32
Genesis 11:12
1691 Shelach 30 Genesis 11:14
1721 Lifter 34 Genesis 11:16
1755 Peleg 30 Genesis 11:18
1785 Regu 32 Genesis 11:20
1817 Serug 30 Genesis 11:22
1847 Nahor 29 Genesis 11:24
1876 Terah 70 Genesis 11:26
1946 Abram (Abraham) 86 / 100 Genesis 16:16
1. Genesis 21:5
2032 Ishmael
2046 Isaac 60 Genesis 25:26
2106 Esau & Jacob 130 Genesis 47:8-9
2236 Beginning of Israel in Egypt 430 Exodus 12:40
2666 Exodus of Israel from Egypt

Bible verses from King James Version

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