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Evidence for God – Science itself provides the answer



God is not provable. A fiction for believers, according to a widespread thesis. The proof of God cannot be provided, just like the proof of the non-existence of God. A supposed stalemate. But that’s not the case. Science itself, which actually denies it, supplies the evidence for God.

You don’t get far with philosophy – Then facts

Science itself provides the proof of God

FNo philosophical approaches are required to prove the existence of God. Spirits quarrel on this field and in the end only views and opinions remain. There is no real result. Numbers and facts speak a clear language, however, which unequivocally reveal the proof of the existence of God.

Evidence of God comes in a number of ways. On the one hand, based on the observable reality, a mathematical proof of the existence of God can be used and another way is the application of natural science.

Proof of God by Numbers & Mathematics

A perfectly simple way of looking at observable reality is to use “dry” mathematics. The computer scientist and former director of the information technology department of the Physical-Technical Federal Institute Braunschweig in Germany, Werner Gitt, took a closer look at the numbers found in the Bible and the environment and made corresponding probability calculations.

Probability of prophecy fulfillments

Since the Bible cannot be separated from God, the Holy Scriptures should also contain clear indications of the true existence of God. After all, the content of the Bible is the word of God. Werner Gitt has therefore specifically taken on the number of prophecies found in the Bible and also fulfilled prophecies. What is the likelihood of all fulfilled prophecies occurring? The computer scientist used a very fair probability of 50:50 (v=0.5) for the fulfillment of a single prophecy. The Dake’s Bible gives a figure of 3,268 fulfilled prophecies. The rest is basically simple math. The probability that all prophecies will be fulfilled is:
0,53268 or at around 1,7 x 10-984

Magnitude beyond imagination

The “984” above the 10 still looks relatively clear, but still eludes any human imagination. Werner Gitt therefore considered an “ant model” with which this dimension could possibly be made a little more tangible. A bunch of black ants and a single red ant. How large must the number of black ants be so that the chance that the only red ant in them will be pulled out with a single grab equals the probability of the prophecies being fulfilled? A bathtub full of black ants (around 36 million) and a single red ant would give a probability of 2,8 x 10-8.

Even 1 universe is too small

That’s still a long way off. Based on his calculations, Gitt approached the goal by taking further comparative steps. However, the result is shocking. Even if the entire known universe was filled with black ants, the chance of picking out the single red ant is 8,3 x 10-86. That’s still not enough. A total of 5 x 10896 universes would be necessary to “depictly” represent the ant model. An order of magnitude that not even a model allows for an approximate idea. The ants could not be reduced to such an extent that their space requirement would be within the imaginable range. The smallest unit known to physics is in the range of 10-34.
Ergo: The fulfilled prophecies of the Bible cannot be dismissed as coincidences. This is simply impossible. If chance rules out, then only God remains as an explanation.

Evidence for God from natural Science

Natural science, like science in general, is secular. Everything can be explained in terms of the observable and, as with the theory of evolution specifically, there is no place for God in science. However, science itself prescribes that it is only science if a theory can be proven by comprehensible and repeatable experiments. Otherwise this are humanities. Thus, evolution, geology, big bang theory, archaeology, among others, fell into this category.

Scientists stumble through science

However, the representatives of the theory of evolution as well as the defenders of the Big Bang theory get into trouble when their seemingly scientific theses are measured against the rules of science. Artificially created designations, such as e.g. “Singularity” to make unexplainable phenomena look scientific. Meanwhile, astrophysicists have reached the point of no longer explaining the singularity as “infinitely compressed energy and mass” but as pure nothingness. Because in order to explain the universe that can be observed today, the “nothingness” before the big bang is not only an option, but absolutely necessary.

The Law of Entropy

A solid law of nature gets in the way of the humanities scholars, the so-called entropy. Entropy is an expression for thermodynamic states within a physical system. If this closed system is left to its own devices, the entropy increases steadily. This increase is inevitable. Entropy is an unavoidable law of nature. Existing energies with different potentials always strive for balance. Just as two water tanks connected to each other with different water levels ensure a balance, energy only remains effective until the potential differences are balanced. Just as the water is still completely present in the containers with the now balanced level, the energy is also completely preserved in the balanced state. However, nothing happens anymore. The water no longer flows and, analogously, the energy that is still present does not cause any changes. Everything is balanced, everything is evenly distributed. The entropy thus also describes the degree of order.

There are no exceptions to the laws of nature. They are immutable and independent of time. The existence of natural laws is independent of observation and formulation.

Natural law applies to the entire universe

The law of nature also applies to vast dimensions like the universe. The energy balance or the increasing entropy ends in total standstill. It’s all evenly distributed. At this point, however, the “godless” big bang theory stumbles. If tomorrow the universe is a bit more balanced or messy, then it is only logical that yesterday it was a bit more orderly. This thought (in the humanities) only needs to be traced back far enough in time to finally stand before the “Big Bang”. It is absolutely logical to find the perfect order at this point in time. An order within a mathematical point, sticking with the definition of a singularity. But where is this perfect order supposed to have come from? Science has no answer to this, because order or information cannot arise from matter. Science therefore agreed on the variant “the universe arose from nothing”. Because where nothing was, everything is possible afterwards. Current spiritual achievements are usually sold as truth and are taught as such in the educational establishments. Until a new finding proves the opposite.

Arguments judged differently

The big difference: If science postulates that the universe came into being out of nothing, it can be sure of the applause of the public and specialist media. However, the statement that God created the world out of nothing is regularly met with derision and malice. Although science has yet to provide an answer about an originator. The unexplained nothing seems more attractive than an explainable Creator God.

The theory of evolution also has problems

Another law of nature is about information. This entity has neither mass nor energy, but it still exists. Since the middle of the 19th century, science has known that the principle of the genome (DNA, etc.) is pure information. This information is realized with the help of only 4 amino acids within such a DNA strand.

DNA is pure information

In addition, this information is encoded. A clear example of this coded information can be given by the Morse code “… – – – …” (SOS). Such a signal sent via radio or light signal would trigger a whole chain of reactions from the recipient, although it is only a combination of dots and dashes. The solution lies in the information available or in the knowledge of the recipient. He knows this SOS code and initiates appropriate rescue measures. The transmission of information between DNA and the executing institutions works according to the same principle. A complete construction plan (pure information) and the associated infrastructure for implementation. According to the theory of evolution, all this should have arisen from pure coincidence.

Information must have an originator

According to a law of nature, information cannot come from matter. Information therefore needs an originator and this originator must have an intelligence. Just as the messages (information) heard over a radio do not come from the loudspeaker, nor from the transmitting antenna, nor from the microphone, but from the (intelligent) speaker, so any information occurring in nature must also have an intelligent sender. Neither bending nor breaking will help. It’s a law of nature. In order to avoid this mess of proof of God, (spiritual) science has already formulated a “fertilization from space”. Life could (scientific “findings” mostly in the subjunctive) have come to earth from fallen celestial bodies. Quasi a comet with “life on board”. However, this thesis allowed at most a gain in time, until the official question arises as to where life in the even hostile universe could have originated from.

Irreducible Complexity

The theory of evolution also faces the problem of irreducible complexity. Even Charles Darwin recognized this problem and hoped that this contradiction could one day be resolved through new knowledge. But this has not happened to date, nor it can sometimes. As an example, Darwin saw evidence of irreducible complexity in the human eye. The eye only functions in its perfect state. Shrinking, altering, or reducing any part of the eye would eliminate the eye’s function and therefore its sense.

The theory of evolution is not tenable

An evolutionary development based on advantages and enforcement over conspecifics is excluded. As long as the eye does not function, it is neither helpful nor useful. It doesn’t offer any benefits. On the contrary, it is more of a disadvantage compared to its peers. This applies to the eye, as well as to the “mouse to bat” and “dinosaur to bird” theories. Incidentally, no fossils have ever been found anywhere in the world that show a bat with a quarter, half, three-quarter wing or other transitional stages. This applies to all (!) other living beings as well. Nothing of the transition stages, which should actually be present in vast quantities, has ever been found. Nothing. But there are fossils of animals, which are dated as millions of years old, but are still alive today, unchanged and with the same bone structure.

Carl Edward Sagan, American astronomer, astrophysicist and exobiologist, made a probability calculation for the actual occurrence of today’s life according to the coincidences of the theory of evolution.
His result: 1: 10
A number with 2 billion zeros. Astrophysicists estimate the number of all elementary particles contained in the universe at 1080! A number with “only” 80 zeros.
According to science, what the theory of evolution says is no longer even a matter of probability.

Scientific argument about models

In relation to the origin of the information, the question arose as to where God got his information from. This is where an “upper god” could come into play. He received his information from another “upper god”. This could now be thought into infinity. The “most infinite God” then also has the infinitely great knowledge. Little tangible model. However, in science there is a rule about possible models. If there are alternative models as an explanation and both are absolutely identical in terms of content and lead to the same result, then the simpler model is chosen. In this case: There is a God with infinitely great knowledge. A proof according to scientific standards.

Conclusion on the proof of God:

  • All information that can be observed in nature needs an originator
  • The natural law of entropy rules out evolution and requires perfect order for the big bang theory
  • Mathematically, the probability of evolution is zero

The impossibility of chaining pure coincidences as a reason for life is proven by the laws of nature alone. The mathematical figures for the fulfillment of prophecies in the Bible and other natural phenomena also categorically rule out coincidence. The compelling authorship of any information compellingly places an intelligence at the beginning of all things. Modern science may call this “the nothing before the nothing,” but behind the supposed nothing is in reality the only and living Creator God.
The answer to all these questions is already in the first sentence of the Bible: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”. (Genesis 1:1)

The (human) scientists convey “knowledge” to the public, which can only be formulated through ignorance of the laws of nature. The observable alone was enough to get even as a non-graduate Studies to be able to recognize the existence of God. Paul already recognized this and expressed it like this: “Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:” (Romans 1:19-20).
The proofs for God are provided on the basis of the explanations described above, which are also comprehensible.

Proof is not required for belief

The scientific evidence for God’s existence is a “free choice” but not an obligation. The gospel, justification and thus man’s salvation are based on faith, not on “empirical reasoning”. Of the Twelve Apostles, the (“unbelieving”) Thomas was allowed to be enlightened by Jesus Christ:
“Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” (John 20:29)

Bible verses from King James Version

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