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Ellen G. White – “The Great Controversy” – Perfect introduction for those who are hesitant

The Great Controversy


A book translated into numerous languages ​​around the world, but completely underestimated. “The Great Controversy” by Ellen G. White. A great work for the historical processing of events that correspond to the biblical statements. For the “newcomer” it is an ideal start to get to know the truth of the Bible in a tangible way and for the real Bible expert it is an enormous enrichment in terms of additional information and confirmations.

Bible too “dry” to get started?

Unfortunately, reading the Bible as a complete “newbie” often takes a lot of effort these days. “Incomprehensible, dry material” and “where should one even begin?” are often arguments for either letting the Bible continue to gather dust on the shelf or not purchasing the Word of God at all. For a long time the Bible was completely contrary to the “zeitgeist of reason”. A situation that will change again very soon due to a newly emerging spirituality, but this new “spirit” coming into the world only leads from the rain to the fire. Although Christian in appearance, it is still miles away from the actual gospel.

This makes it all the more important to understand the Bible, the written word of God, as it is actually meant. This can only work if the interested party reads completely unbiasedly and absorbs the statements unfiltered. A difficult undertaking in the normal preconditioned state of our time.

“The Great Controversy” – Ellen G. White

The Great Controversy

Not nearly as old as the Bible, whose oldest writings date back to 1,500 BC and the “youngest book”, Revelation, was written by John in about 90 AD, but is already getting on in years, is “The Great Controversy” by author Ellen Gould White. The book was first published in 1858 by publisher and husband James White.

The book received additional additions during Ellen G. White’s lifetime and has since been published in multiple editions and numerous languages. “The Great Controversy” is a combination of explanations of biblical statements as well as a review of historical events that are directly related to the Gospel and its prophecies.

An ideal introduction to the truths of the Gospel for all people who (still) shy away from opening the Bible and also an enormous source of additional information for all those who are already diligently studying the Word of God.

As a paperback and also digitally

The book is in principle freely available. As a rule, only the material price and shipping costs are charged. “The Great Controversy” can be obtained online as paperback (here). Additionally, this book can also be read online or downloaded as a .pdf and e-book format (here). Completely free. It is also possible to obtain it free of charge in book form, as most Advent communities have “The Great Controversy” in stock and will be happy to pass it on upon request.

Accompanying the Bible – historical review

The reader learns the historical development from the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD to the present, and also a look into the future with the help of the prophecies contained in the Bible. “The Great Controversy” explains where we come from and “why”, why the world is the way it is today and where the journey will take us. Readers will be amazed that this work by Ellen G. White, written around the mid-19th century, describes exactly what every opened eye can observe in the future.

The book “The Great Controversy” written by Ellen G. White is not a replacement for the Bible. It is a supplement, an explanation of the historical events that can be explained with the Bible and these are also regularly supported with references to the statements of the Bible. The book cannot be a replacement for the Bible, because only the written word is the “living word” of God, which He communicated to humanity of all ages through His prophets. Transmitted orally until the time of Moses, and only then put on paper.

Overview of the topics

The book “The Great Controversy” is structured in several parts and subdivided chapters. The paperback, available in English, contains more than 700 pages. Below is an overview of the individual topics:

  • Chapter 1—The Destruction of Jerusalem
  • Chapter 2—Persecution in the First Centuries
  • Chapter 3—An Era of Spiritual Darkness
  • Chapter 4—The Waldenses
  • Chapter 5—John Wycliffe
  • Chapter 6—Huss and Jerome
  • Chapter 7—Luther’s Separation From Rome
  • Chapter 8—Luther Before the Diet
  • Chapter 9—The Swiss Reformer
  • Chapter 10—Progress of Reform in Germany
  • Chapter 11—Protest of the Princes
  • Chapter 12—The French Reformation
  • Chapter 13—The Netherlands and Scandinavia
  • Chapter 14—Later English Reformers
  • Chapter 15—The Bible and the French Revolution
  • Chapter 16—The Pilgrim Fathers
  • Chapter 17—Heralds of the Morning
  • Chapter 18—An American Reformer
  • Chapter 19—Light Through Darkness
  • Chapter 20—A Great Religious Awakening
  • Chapter 21—A Warning Rejected
  • Chapter 22—Prophecies Fulfilled
  • Chapter 23—What is the Sanctuary?
  • Chapter 24—In the Holy of Holies
  • Chapter 25—God’s Law Immutable
  • Chapter 26—A Work of Reform
  • Chapter 27—Modern Revivals
  • Chapter 28—Facing Life’s Record
  • Chapter 29—The Origin of Evil
  • Chapter 30—Enmity Between Man and Satan
  • Chapter 31—Agency of Evil Spirits
  • Chapter 32—Snares of Satan
  • Chapter 33—The First Great Deception
  • Chapter 34—Can Our Dead Speak to Us?
  • Chapter 35—Liberty of Conscience Threatened
  • Chapter 36—The Impending Conflict
  • Chapter 37—The Scriptures a Safeguard
  • Chapter 38—The Final Warning
  • Chapter 39—The Time of Trouble
  • Chapter 40—God’s People Delivered
  • Chapter 41—Desolation of the Earth
  • Chapter 42—The Controversy Ended

“The Great Controversy”

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