Olli Dürr The Counterfeit Gospel – Satan’s Deceptions

The Counterfeit Gospel – Satan’s Deceptions

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The extent of Satan’s package of deceptions upon humanity is enormous. God’s adversary has done a great job of misleading the “new believers” with a gospel that has been completely turned upside down.

Das ganze Paket einfach nur umgedreht

You take all the rules, orders, systems and laws of the Bible, take a copy of them and turn the whole copied package on its head. This is the basic approach of God’s adversary, who is no longer seen as existing by most people. If the old serpent, the devil, Lucifer and also Satan, the rebels and mix-ups, kept all the ideas to themselves, this wouldn’t be the big problem.

Turn upside down

It looks as if – but it’s upside down

But he actually managed to present everything that he distorted from good to evil and from evil to good, as Christianity that brings salvation. To ensure that this massive deception is better accepted, Satan uses his helpers to help out with “extraordinary events”. The Roman Catholic Church has acted as his “most faithful earthly helper” for a good 1,700 years and also in the present day. A structure entirely to Satan’s liking.

Deceptions have prevailed

Although these great deceptions would be easy to recognize, this approach is still a resounding and, above all, global success. The reason is simple. Only a small minority now takes the Bible into their own hands and compares the statements of the Gospel with the teachings of the local churches and their representatives.

Politics as an example

The principle also shows in political matters that only a small fraction of willing voters accept the current program of the party for which a cross is to be put. Right in the middle of the legislative period, a large proportion of voters feel cheated, only to be repeatedly lulled to sleep by the sweet tones of announcements and promises at the start of the next election campaign. This is compounded by voters’ now very short memories and their ever-increasing tolerance for laws that have now become blatantly broken.

The “unbelievable” can hardly be conveyed

wave structure

Confusion caused by outright lies

But the fact that the Church of Rome is the primary driving force behind the geopolitical developments is only understood by a small minority. And this is especially true for the representatives of the once Protestant churches, who have finally returned to the fold of their mother church.

These churches have already made it clear that they like the growing political power (Info). Not to mention the reconquest of the former political power of the mother church in Rome (Info).

Refill empty heads with fresh water

Since fewer and fewer people believe in the true Creator God as described in the Gospel, it is easy to impose any philosophy on people as the new theology. Therefore, especially in our “post-modern” times of increasing ignorance and indifferentiation, it is no longer a great feat to convey the completely distorted teachings of the Gospel as the message of salvation.

The “preservation of creation,” which has now been declared a “matter of faith,” plays a central role here (Info).

The Babylon Trio

Optical Ilusion

Perfected illusion

Probably the most well-known “pirated copy” of Satan, and turned upside down, is the interaction between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In the adversary’s version they are depicted as a dragon, a beast (from the sea) and the false prophet. Together they form the Babylon mentioned in Revelation (Info).

The interaction is also reflected in the Roman Catholic Church, which ultimately describes itself as the “Vicar of Christ” on earth. This institution is actually representative, but that of the dragon. Pope Gregory XIII made no secret of it and included the dragon in the coat of arms of his pontificate.

God’s commandments are distorted

Own rules

Rome believes it can abolish the commandments

Roman Catholic social teaching is responsible for the distortions of God’s statutes. This is based on Hellenistic natural law. In this set of rules, for example, it is permitted for those in need to simply take something from those who have, even without asking (keyword: social justice). After all, nature has allocated its resources, whether in natural form or as a human product, to every person equally.

This sounds very understandable at first glance, but it is a blatant violation of God’s commandments (stealing, coveting). Emphasizing children’s rights to the point that even parents could be taken to court if they refuse to allow their minor children to have sex reassignment surgery is a blatant violation of God’s commandments (honoring parents). This line can be traced throughout the entire Gospel.

The superficial fakes

The main counterfeits affecting “Christianity” and society in general include:

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Satan sees himself as the “Highest” and therefore as the father’s counterpart.

His earthly representative, the Roman Catholic Church, is the beast from the sea according to Revelation 13 and therefore the “copied” son. Many a pope has already said that the pontiff is the “god on earth”. (Info).

The apostate Protestant churches speak and act according to the will of the beast. The political power structure is exercised by the world power USA. A nation once founded on Protestant principles. The fallen Protestant churches and the power of the USA to implement the will of the beast worldwide form the false prophet and thus the fake copy of the Holy Spirit.

God’s Curriculum:

The fake consists of the UN curriculum (World Core Curriculum) for the education of children through a curriculum rolled out worldwide according to the philosophy of one Alice Ann Bailey (Theosophist, Satanist). People’s thinking is being “adjusted” (Info).

God’s plan of salvation

A central point of attack for Satan is God’s plan of salvation. The gospel describes one possible path to salvation and it is only through Jesus Christ (John 14:6). Therefore, it doesn’t matter what one or more alternative paths might look like, because they all lead to certain doom. God and His eternal justice do not allow for alternative salvation.

Satan’s falsification consists in telling people that one can either achieve justification through one’s own strength or that people can also be saved from their sins. Both ways are rigorously excluded from the gospel, but they are well received by people. Because they are comfortable and therefore easier to accept (Info).

The simplest recipe for this false belief is simply to say that Jesus Christ abolished the laws of God. Now only love for one another is sufficient and anyone who “returns to the love of God” will be saved (Info).

Statements of the Bible

The Word of God was one of Satan’s first targets. Very early on, the first “scholars” began to shorten, supplement and change the existing writings. Especially in the Hellenistic age in the Alexandria area, the Gnostics were particularly keen to distort the Word of God. This never stopped and is still happening at this time. Most modern editions of the Bible are so corrupted that they can no longer be considered the Word of God (Info).

Speak in tongues

The apostles of Jesus Christ received the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) and were enabled to speak in the languages ​​of the people of other areas in order to spread the gospel. The apostles spoke in tongues. After the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s, this “speaking in tongues” received a renaissance. However, in a very idiosyncratic form. It is completely incomprehensible babble (Info).

These speakers base their “ability” on being filled by the Holy Spirit. However, the verbal secretions are sheer nonsense and followers of satanic circles report that their incantations sound identical during a state of trance.

Awakening to faith

The Holy Spirit enables people to receive and understand the gospel. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit convicts man of sin. Another relic from the Second Vatican Council is the “reawakening” of an intense feeling of faith. It is not the written Word of God that is important, but the feeling of faith. The congregations and groups of charismatics have sprung up like mushrooms. Catholic Church and Evangelicals alike.

Typical of the events of these charismatics are the “calls for fire from heaven” (Holy Spirit), intense feelings, screaming, roaring, “miraculous healings” and also “exorcisms of devils”. This mediated type of “awakening of faith” is only beneficial as a binding agent between the Catholic Church and Evangelicals. A product of ecumenism (Info).

Immortal soulImmortal soul

The Bible clearly states that man does NOT have an immortal soul. The Roman Catholic Church knows this itself, but this institution still spreads the thesis of an immortal soul (Info). The vast majority of churches have adopted this teaching, which is already part of spiritualism.

This error is fatal because it also forms a basis for the “invocation and appearance” of the dead. These are actions that God condemns in the strongest possible terms.

The 1000-year kingdom of peace

The Bible, more precisely the book of Revelation, describes a 1000-year kingdom of peace. But this kingdom takes place together with the redeemed people in the kingdom of heaven, while the earth is desolate and uninhabitable. Meanwhile, God has accomplished His “strange work” and “strange act” (Isaiah 28:21).

The erroneous teaching now is that this 1,000-year kingdom of peace will take place on earth after the return of Jesus. In this kingdom of peace, all people would then have the opportunity to convert. With such ideas, few people today care about preparing for the return of Jesus Christ, let alone living a godly life and particularly thinking about the mark of the beast (Revelation 13). But there will be no such kingdom of peace on earth (Info).

A counterfeit Christ

Apart from the fact that the use of the term “Christ” (“Anointed One”) may covertly mean someone completely different than THE Jesus Christ (“Jesus the Anointed One”), it is the Roman Catholic Church that describes itself as the ” “Representative of Christ on Earth”. Many popes have described themselves as representatives of God and God himself (Info).
The syllable “Anti” means “against” as well as “instead of”. So an anti-Christ is not only opposed to Jesus Christ, but this opponent also sees himself as “instead of Christ”. The papacy meets all the criteria described in the Bible for this counterfeit (representative) of Christ (Info).

Jesus Christ’s return

Jesus Christ Himself announced that He would come again. He gave more detailed descriptions of the circumstances and manner of His arrival (Info). The greatest deception that is yet to befall humanity is the appearance of a pseudo-Christ. But he certainly cannot imitate the arrival of the true Savior in detail. This would be easy to see if people knew these details in the Bible.

This pseudo-Christian will initiate the measures that are already described today within the framework of so-called futurism. A deception just to make the false prophecies you created yourself come true. One of these measures is expected to be the final installation of a “Sabbath day” on Sunday for the preservation of creation.

God’s day of rest – Sabbath

Just as the Word of God as a whole was the focus of Satan’s attacks, the Fourth Commandment particularly stands out here. History shows that the commandment of the Sabbath on the seventh day of the week was immediately addressed by the first formations of the Roman Catholic Church. Instead, Sunday was installed as a day of rest and during the time of the Reformation it was also defined as the “Lord’s Day”. The Church of Rome launched a campaign against the biblical Sabbath (Info).

Satan’s targeted attack on the Sabbath instituted by God is understandable. This day, beatified and sanctified by God immediately upon His creation, is the sign of His authority and also His identifying mark, the Creator of all things. Something the adversary desperately wanted to prevent people from actually recognizing this day. Satan installed his own day, the first day of the week, Sunday (“Sun Day”).

Detecting deception with the Bible

Mark Bible

Truth and Deception – The Bible shows the difference

The excerpt of the essential features of Satan’s counterfeits already shows how extensive and profound his measures were and are in order to completely deceive people. Evil is declared good and good is declared evil. But most people accept this counterfeit version of the gospel at face value and go straight to ruin.

The truth can still be easily recognized. It was, is and always remains only the written word of God, which reveals the errors and deceptions. Anything that deviates even slightly from this is to be rejected and instead embrace the gospel.

And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
2 Thessalonians 2:10

Bible verses from King James Version

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