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Die Welt konservativ betrachtet

The Controlled “Golden Cage”



People’s supposed freedoms are found in corridors that are becoming ever narrower. To ensure that this controlled “golden cage” is not perceived as such, people’s education and thought structures have long since been improved.

The thinking of mankind has long been in the sights

Educational degeneration
Society’s thinking has been under attack for a long time

The deeper you dig into the supposedly self-evident aspects of everyday life, the more pure fictions emerge. Having long since gone from bad to worse, people are far more than a foot wide in a purely fictitious dependency. Many people even feel right at home in the “golden cage” they recognize, because independent action has long since been trained away and even “thought out”.

More appearance than reality

If, in the course of further research in the field of history, you at some point come across the term “federal states” in connection with “foundations”, this matter actually becomes really interesting. Always reasons for further digging. First of all: Such efforts to establish one’s own position somehow and somewhere are basically useless. Those structures that are presented in the history books today as long-past and now irrelevant events not only have a massive influence at the moment, but also expanded it over the centuries like a cancerous growth into every single facet of society.

Whoever wanted to proclaim his point of view “outside this system” would have to digress at least 1700 years into the past and assume the role of a “nature-loving druid”. Fixing one’s position in relation to the prevailing legal system or in force at a point in time X corresponds to changing one’s position from one tree to another within a dense forest, without recognizing this forest as such, let alone understanding it, preferring instead to find a clearing. A small clearing in the forest is now the only way to avoid the desired “inclusion”. Because the forest has long been omnipresent.

The relevant history goes far(er) back

The historical review in Germany usually only goes back to the year 1913, in some cases in the area of ​​1840. To be fair, one has to admit that the processing of history in general schools ends its major focus back to the year 1914. The centuries before receive more casual attention with the mention of various events and prominent people. This sometimes brings up a 840-year-old phase of the “Holy Roman Empire”, which once received the additional attribute of “German Nation”. Such historical events are linked with the beginning via “Otto”, the end via “Napoleon” and perhaps also migrations of peoples and the “initial spark” Charlemagne. The latter is still held up today for the proud recipients of the Charlemagne Prize.

Different focus in the story

So it seems self-evident and therefore strange that the great decisive battle in the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD was named after the magnificent loser Varus (Varus Battle) and not after his opponent and winner Arminius (“The Traitor”). The praise of Charlemagne also seems very strange in view of the slaughter he caused among the peoples of Central Europe at the time. Karl achieved his final victory over the Saxons, who had previously fought off “forced Catholicization”, with the help of deception and ambush, which resulted in the final slaughter of the Saxons present.

Both historical events have something in common and that is Rome. While Varus wanted to protect the interests of the ancient Roman emperor as a “protecting power”, Charlemagne slaughtered the people in the name of the Catholic Church, now ruling in Rome, today the “mother of all churches”. Charles received the reward for his fervent commitment when he was crowned emperor at Christmas in 800 AD by the “Bishop of Rome” and “Pontifex Maximus” Pope Leo III.

“But that was a long time ago and has nothing to do with today’s circumstances”.
Is that really the case?!

Current example of the “oddities”

Such examples of oddities taken for granted can also be demonstrated today. Every “elected” and therefore temporarily “important” politician starts the justification of his political decisions with the formula: “I believe that…”. It is not the knowledge that counts, but obviously the belief in something. A single creed, which, however, is sold as an irrefutable fact and also keeps the option open of being able to evade responsibility after obvious failure by referring to this pure “belief”.

Aside from the long-established carte blanche for any action in the “name of the party” by setting appropriate standards(StGB §129, Absatz 3, BGB §54 –> PartG §37).

Political parties are usually classified as “unincorporated associations” (Bundeswahlleiter), but only incidentally. The findings of the so-called science (actually opinion) are mainly based only on their intellectual wish-creations. Their research results, which have been put on paper, are teeming with subjunctive moods.

But it is precisely this that is to be sold as the absolute truth. These constructs, treated as fact, in turn form the basis for further “scientific” knowledge and also decisions in politics and theology. Money, recognition, media coverage, fame, awards, etc. are the crucial tools to such compliance. Corruption is everywhere. The academics who deviate from the fictions are deprived of employment and thus their income and livelihood with a swipe of the hand. Coupled with defamation, denigration and public doubts about the sane constitution, a lasting social annihilation is almost certain. How could it get to the point that so-called scientists come up with such crude theses and the general public takes them at face value?

“Learning against learning”

Anyone who wanted to change something in this miserable situation would have a pretty bad hand. Society would first have to understand this system. However, appropriate “educational measures” were initiated long ago against such findings. The procedure has followed the principle of “learning against learning” for centuries and has long since affected all levels of education worldwide, from kindergarten to universities. “Largely rolled out” in the mid-1990s on the basis of a binding “curriculum” by UNESCO. The goals include, among other things, the recognition of created fictitious values ​​as the truth, the trained doubting of absolute facts and the resulting fruitless discussions.

The compliant media lends a helping hand with repetition, then repetition, and most of all repetition. In addition, there are artistic designs of created case studies in everyday life. The “new truth” needs to be poured into people’s minds and cemented there. The creation of around 60 different fictitious genders is just one of the many examples.

The motto “learning against learning” has its origin in the following “instructions”:
The thirteenth and final [rule] is that we shall all agree with the consensus of the Church in wanting to define as black what to our eyes appears white. So that in all things we may [ new] truth, we should adopt the firm principle of taking what I see as white to be black, if the Hierarchical Church so defines it.

Ignatius V. Loyola provided the template

This principle is Rule #13 in “Spiritual Exercises”.
(Ignatianische Exerzitien, https://archive.org/details/a588350800loyouoft/page/n229/mode/2up)
by Ignatius of Loyola, published in 1548. Loyola was the main founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1534 and at the same time its first General Superior. This alone shows that this is not a spiritual order for “spiritual refreshment”, but an order with military structures. The “Societas Jesu” (abbreviation: SJ) was approved by Pope Paul III. in 1540.

Anyone who believes that this “antiquarian” point of view has long since entered the anecdotes of history is greatly mistaken. These educational instructions were taken up by the educator and philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762-1814), among others. (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Gottlieb_Fichte), who, among other things, took the view that education should primarily aim at destroying one’s own will. For this purpose, individual “pilot projects” were started in several universities to research the best method. Declaring something obviously “white” as “black” and defending this point of view by all means requires such a broken will.

Ignatian practices bear (rotten) fruits

So it’s not surprising that “scientists” like Volkmar Sigusch
the two natural sexes male and female (apart from biologically based intersex) into a mere matter of definitions. In spiritual effort according to Loyola, the sexes of the newborn are no longer ascertained but defined. In this case, this fictitious “truth” was labeled “Cis-Gender”. A pure thought construct, which should be planted in people’s minds as an absolute truth. The size of the supporters of these theses is remarkable.

By the way, definition fiction: A non-existent fact which is treated as existing.

The problem with a constructed fiction is the impossibility of proof to the contrary. The story that the wolf ate up the grandmother only has to be put into the children’s minds as truth in order for adults to have no chance with pure counter-arguments without the possibility of proof. In this example, one’s own life experience will unfold the cleansing effect as one grows up, but not in cases of constant maintenance of this fiction by politics, the media and ultimately society. The latter will also brand the “deviators” of such engraved fiction with mounting anger.

Isaac D’Israeli denounced it long ago

This supposed educational strategy based on the breaking of will was already taken up by Isaac D’Israeli, disclosed in his book “Amenities of Literature” in 1841
It goes without saying that this work received little attention, let alone is used as compulsory reading in educational institutions. The representatives (victims) of this strategy and the media are trying with all their might to avoid any deviation, even just questioning with all conceivable ones means to fight. Accompanied by repetition, repetition and repetition of the newly created fictional “truths”. After all, this general degeneration of education hasn’t progressed enough to sell “electricity-storing power lines” or “imps in batteries” as the new truth. A generation change is needed for this. However, this is hard to come by, as can be seen from the young people courted by politicians and the media, for example in the areas of environmental and climate protection. The UN and its affiliated institutions provided strong support (Info).

What is the motive for this spiritual destruction?

First of all: True faith must be eradicated, no matter what the cost.
The founding year 1534 of the “Society of Jesus” (SJ) is no coincidence. After the theology professor, and from Rome’s point of view the “heretic” Martin Luther, denounced the machinations of the Roman Church (initially with 95 theses in 1517) and also practiced the “heresy”, the Bible as the only basis of faith (Sola Scriptura) to explain, Loyola obviously felt compelled to initiate appropriate countermeasures. The so-called counter-reformation was initiated. This became all the more explosive when Luther also translated the Bible into German and the writings were quickly distributed thanks to the printing press that had already been invented.

The Roman monopoly Catholic catechism was broken. The “little sheep” of the cath. Until now, the church has not been allowed to have its own Bible. Obviously because of the fear that people could use the dogmas of the Catholic Church, which deviate massively from the Bible. notice the catechism. After all, the “sheltered little sheep” also firmly believed in purgatory, which Rome alone brought into the world.

A site in which the priesthood of the self-empowered Catholic Sins forgiven by the church still have to be paid off (“burned off”). Rome also presumes that God has to submit to the decisions of the priests. According to cath. Dogmas through the purchase of so-called letters of indulgence. An extremely lucrative source of money, first in the area of ​​responsibility of the priests, then of the bishops and, due to the massive flood of money, ultimately directly of the pope.

Excommunication & Interdict were powerful weapons

Since the truth has so far been successfully withheld by the Vatican under the threat and also the execution of the death penalty, it is therefore easy to understand that the excommunication of a ruler and his people led to considerable upheavals within this country. A very good example of this is the Norman king of England John I and his frictions with Rome in the early 13th century. Here the excommunication of the king and the interdict (“church strike”) against his people were enough to transfer ownership of the “crown” to Rome via the Knights Templar.

Of course, this was done from the point of view of the “protective power of the Vatican”. “British Library” provides good information on the subject of “Magna Carta” and the consequences that continue to this day. (https://www.bl.uk/magna-carta/videos/king-john-and-the-origins-of-magna-carta)

Catholic church on campaign of extermination

The eradication of the Catholic Teachings of dissenting faiths, which primarily concerned the peoples who were faithful to the Scriptures, began relatively shortly after the papacy came to power in Rome. Waldensians and Albigensians were among the first victims of Rome’s large-scale extermination campaign. It was followed by the “holy” Inquisition (“interrogation”, hence pure cynicism) with countless other people who were cruelly tortured and executed. The fact that these mass exterminations did not result in Rome’s final victory over the true faith was shown by the unspeakable continuation of the slaughtering up to the murder of tens of thousands of Huguenots on St. Bartholomew’s Night in France in 1572, i.e. already after the beginning of the Reformation and also afterwards Founding of the SJ. The latter probably recognized the futility of the satanic approach and probably also feared the dwindling acceptance within society.

Different thinking, different society

So society had to be changed by changing the way of thinking. Ultimately, the only goal is to dissuade people from the true faith, towards the dogmas of the Catholic faith. Church and the weaknesses of the people such as greed for power and money, envy and resentment could be used wonderfully for this. Once governments and educational institutions had been infiltrated, these compliant tools for the implementation of these plans could be mass-produced. In due course “useful idiots” and after exhausted use only “useless idiots”. Dropped or eliminated due to loyalty to Rome alone. The medieval-looking Inquisition is, however, a very lively department of the Catholic Church in the 21st century. Church. It was simply given a different label, labeled “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”.

A prominent representative was Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger and later Pope Benedict XVI. He was prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, appointed by Pope John Paul II at the time. Ratzinger was thus the “Senior Inquisitor”. Of course there were no pyres. However, this is not due to “good will”, but to the still not completely healed wound of the withdrawal of political power in 1798.

The first healing of this wound inflicted by Napoleon Bonaparte took place on February 11, 1929 with the founding of Vatican City State. However, this event in connection with the then dictator Benito Mussolini is rarely highlighted. The complete healing of the wound and thus the regaining of power over the scepter and the globe could take place as early as 2021, with the Vatican also moving its second foot into Washington’s political headquarters.

The wound is healing – the world looks on in amazement

Pope Francis, the first pope in US history, gave the go-ahead for this final step with his appearance in the US Capitol (https://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/25/us/pope-francis-congress-speech.html) to the US Congress on September 24, 2015. The world would then have the same conditions in official form as in the Middle Ages, but in a modern version adapted to the “Zeitgeist”.

The “church ambitions” in this regard can be read in the encyclicals “Laudato si'” (2015) and “Fratelli Tutti” (2020). Very topical again that of Pope Leo XIII. published “sensational” encyclical “Rerum Novarum” in 1891. The social teaching of the Catholic Church will affect us all. The starting signal has already been given and will be executed with the help of the World Economic Forum. “The Great Reset” (https://www.weforum.org/great-reset/), wrapped and decorated with climate protection programs and economic phrases.

The Roman Catholic Church is poised to regain its position as it was in the Middle Ages, but with a modern label and “contemporary” legislation. The church decides and politics as well as economy carry out.

There is still a lot to come for mankind. The World Economy Forum (WEF) leads the vision that no one will own anything anymore and still be happy. A controlled golden cage like in the book. However, this development is not a modern phenomenon, but was largely prepared a long time ago.

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