Olli Dürr Basic text Bible also very contemporary – Pharmakeia

Basic text Bible also very contemporary – Pharmakeia

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The “modern” Bible translations focus on the interpretation of the original written text. In this way, the Bible reader can easily be given opinion instead of truth. But even with almost verbatim Bibles with textus receptus as the basis, a look at the original Greek text can definitely be worthwhile.

Ancient Greek very current – Pharmakeia


A look at the original text can be very profitable

Revelation, the last book of the Bible, uses very figurative language in prophesying about events in the final days. There is one more fact. A good 2,000 years ago, other idioms and thought patterns were the norm. In addition, the original version was translated into the various current languages. Therefore, a look at the original Greek text of the New Testament can certainly be profitable in order to obtain surprisingly contemporary meanings from the partly abstract descriptions.

The most important thing is to use the right Bible. The new translations lead astray rather than to salvation. A very good Bible is the (old) King James Version (KJV). This translation is based on the so-called textus receptus. Literal translation without contemporary (desired) interpretations.

Example Rev. 18:23 (Judgment of Babylon)

“[…] for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” (KJV)

In this statement one word stands out as particularly interesting and that is “sorceries”. A look at the original Greek text yields the following wording:

sorceries – φαρμακεία [g5331] – pharmakeia

The meaning of the Greek word is explained as follows:
pharmakeia – g5331:
Origin: comes from “pharmakeus”, medicines (pharmacy)
Use in Bible as: sorcery, witchcraft

Thus, this verse can also read as follows without any “exaggeration”.:

“[…] Because your merchants were the greats of the earth, because all peoples were deceived by your pharmaceuticals.”

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