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Die Welt konservativ betrachtet

Author : Olli Dürr

Fall of the Western Rome – Ancient example within reach?

Deutsch The fall of the Western Rome in the second half of the 5th century is an inglorious example of how a once brilliant advanced culture can end and what (supposedly) unimagined power structures can emerge from it. Possibly an ancient example within reach. “Experts” disagree What was once the most powerful empire in antiquity […]

UN warns about ailing democracies – Church of Rome rubs its hands

Deutsch Ailing democracies, people’s loss of trust in their government and 2024 will be a “record election year” worldwide. The United Nations is admonishing and the churches, especially the Roman Catholic church, are rubbing their sweaty hands. “Democratic decline” The year 2024 is considered a very special election year. The United Nations is calling 2024 […]

EV Bishop of Austria presents strange understanding of the Gospel

Deutsch The Evangelical Bishop of Austria presents a very strange understanding of the Gospel based on his very strange-seeming view of heaven on earth. Routine impiety compressed into a few sentences. Evangelical hypocrisy As with the “spiritual houses” under the umbrella organization of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), the Protestant churches in Austria no […]

“Peace and Security” abused by Rome – today as then

Deutsch “Peace and security” have always had a high priority, at least among “ordinary people”. A “peace” abused for lies and deceit by numerous false prophets and propagandists of great tones. This was true for the time of Israel in the Old Testament as well as for the time of the present. “Peace” has always […]

The degeneration of EV churches into carnival stalls is irreversible

Deutsch The visible degeneration of the once Protestant churches is already irreversible. There is nothing to repair or save. “Those who continually make a fool of themselves will one day become a fool themselves,” as the saying goes. Once “Christian institutions”, they have now degenerated into self-absorbed, ideological showman’s stalls. No longer contains anything from […]

Pope Francis recommends Holy Spirit and contemplation

Deutsch In his general audience, Pope Francis ushered in a new teaching cycle. For this he uses the Holy Spirit as the author of contemplation. A supposed cure for our chaos. With his call to practice open spiritualism, the pontiff reveals himself more and more clearly as God’s earthly adversary. “The Spirit and the Bride” […]

Roman Church: Individualism is the cause of mafia structures

Deutsch One of the greatest enemies of the Roman Catholic Church is individualism. Submissive submissiveness and absolute obedience are only possible if the individual assimilates into the structureless mass of the “common good”. The church has now discovered individualism as the cause of mafia structures. Continued demonization of individualism The fight against individualism waged by […]

Wave of outrage over Pope – from homo-friendly to homophobic

Deutsch A wave of indignation is breaking over Pope Francis. Until recently, the pontiff was still considered “homo-friendly”. Now the head of the church is the symbol of “homophobia” par excellence. He doesn’t want to admit homosexuals to the seminary. But it is precisely because of this “tolerance-drunk” crowd that the Jesuit can sit back […]

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