Olli Dürr

Die Welt konservativ betrachtet

Day: 3. May 2024

Reactions against extremism after the caliphate march in Hamburg

Deutsch It didn’t take long for political reactions to emerge after the media spectacle about the caliphate march in Hamburg. The quality of the demands can only be seen in the appearances of a “Christian socialist” and a “secular Islam”. Hamburg caliphate march was startling The march of around 1,100 participants in the Islamic network […]

Church departures in 2023 – new record for EKD churches

Deutsch The Evangelical Churches of the EKD repeatedly set a new record in 2023. The mass exodus of former members has increased again. A not exactly surprising development. The mutation from a once Lutheran organization to an ideological would-be political party is bitter among people. New record numbers of people leaving the church The mass […]

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